Caution: Radishes



On Friday, I transplanted my zucchini and cucumber seedlings into the the containers in which they’ll spend their days this summer. They’re still living inside most of the time, but those little seedlings were quickly outgrowing their peat pots, snaking roots out the bottom and sides, just begging for more room to grow. So, I figured that since I was moving them into their new homes, I might as well introduce them to their new roommates.

Cucumbers meet Dill. Zucchini meet Radishes.

It seems the radishes were more than a little impatient to say “Hello”. On Monday, to my surprise, radish sprouts were bursting from the soil like it was no big deal. That’s only three days, people.



Today, the babies are a good two inches tall.



I’m simultaneously delighted and frightened. It’s just seems entirely too fast. I guess the seed packet did say “30 days.” Still, I think I’m going to need to keep a close eye on those little buggers and make sure we don’t wind up with a situation.

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  1. Julia said...

    Radishes are zippy little guys, aren't they? Your little seedlings look very happy!

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