Bringing Meatless Back


A while back, I hopped on board the Meatless Monday bandwagon and made an effort to post a meatless recipe every Monday. Unfortunately, that only lasted a few weeks. I’ve found new inspiration in Meatless Week, though, and have decided that I am going to start back up again. As of next week, I’ll be posting a new meatless recipe here every Monday.



Hopefully many of you have already had a great meatless start to your week and are thinking about trying to make it through to the weekend as well. Head on over to The Cookbook Chronicles to hear about Lorna’s first day and check out a list of many of the bloggers taking part in the challenge.

And if you’re worried about meat-free being less than exciting, Chef Jose Andres recently argued in a 60 Minutes interview that meat is actually the boring one, while fruits and vegetables are “sexy.” After my months-long meatless stint, I tend to agree with him. I mean, yeah, there’s nothing like a positively indulgent hunk of pork belly melting on your tongue, but it’s hard to deny that after a few bites of a massive steak the excitement starts to dwindle. Veggies are always interesting–fresh and bright, crisp and clean, earthy and energizing. There are endless varieties and so many ways to prepare and enjoy them. Once you start making them the star of your meals it’s hard not to fall in love. Check out this article and the accompanying video for more on Chef Andres’ thoughts.


If Andres’ ideas aren’t convincing enough, maybe it will help to hear that Mario Batali is jumping on the veggie train as well. Many of his restaurants are including options for Meatless Mondays and his new book Molto Gusto (which I am dying to get my hands on) is reportedly veg-heavy. I’ve seen him demonstrating recipes from the book on the daytime TV circuit and have come across a few posted online, and they look simple and absolutely delicious. Take a look at this Washington Post article, which talks about the Meatless Monday movement and Batali’s newfound bent for plant-based eating.

If your interest is piqued and you’re just looking for somewhere to start, I’ve included a handful of links to my favorite veg recipes from my own kitchen below:

What are some of your favorite meatless tips and recipes?

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  1. Stephanie said...

    I love meals where you don't even realize you're eating meatless! I ate this pasta for three dinners in a row before I realized I was eating meat-free!

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