Six. Five….


Less than five.

Chris and I will be getting married in less than five months.

And before we know it, it will only be four.



This is somewhat of a shame as I’m only just getting to that place where I almost never slip up and call him my boyfriend anymore. Fiancé is hard to get used to. It’s sort of a mouthful. It has certainly been fun to say, particularly to each other, but it’s an uncomfortable word, difficult to pronounce without seeming as though you’re calling attention or putting on airs.

This is not to say that I do not love having a fiancé. Or being a fiancée.


Maybe the word was created to never really land in one’s mouth. It’s a transitional period, after all. Maybe it’s supposed to be fun, bouncing awkwardly through your lips. Designed to make you smile. Meaningful in the moment, but light enough to fall away easily when the time comes and those bigger words nestle in to stay.



I can already tell that husband is going to feel comfortable on my tongue.



It was important to us to choose a photographer for our wedding that doesn’t simply take nice, clear pictures, but interesting, eye-catching ones. We found that in Steve Saldana, founder of NY/DC metro area based Studio Saldana. Since we’d decided to entrust him with the task of photographing our big day, we figured it would be a good rapport-building experience if we were to have our engagement session with him as well. Not that there’s much rapport-building that needs to be done when it comes to Steve; his relaxed, open personality instills a sense of comfort from the moment you sit down for your consult.

And the man takes a mean photograph. We were certainly pleased.

Steve is talented and enthusiastic, and we’re looking forward to working with him again in November. Check out his website and blog for other engagement and wedding sessions that he’s done, as well as some amazing photojournalistic series from his recent travels to southeast Asia.

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  1. Carolyn and Taylor said...

    These pics are amazing. Congrats Britt, you two make and unbelieveably raw, real and beautiful couple. Is it weird that I want to hang one in my house?

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