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Before I actually announce the winner, I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments. It was so much fun to read about all the different things that people love to make—from homemade gluten-free breads to big, hearty pots of soup—and also great to hear from many of you that cooking is bigger than just putting food on the table. It’s about spending time with significant others, teaching and having fun with your children, and sharing with friends.

Cooking and baking for me is all about these kinds of connections. As much pleasure as I get from the act of creating, it’s the sharing that ultimately makes it worthwhile. When I put out the prompt, I never expected that I’d see so much of this in your responses. It’s inspiring. The love and enthusiasm in your comments was immense and I can’t thank you each enough for sharing so openly.

All that having been said—though you really all deserve an apron—there can only be one winner. And that winner is:

Stephanie: the chocoholic with an apple-themed kitchen.

Congratulations, Stephanie! Please e-mail me so we can coordinate getting you your applelicious apron. And hopefully you won’t mind sending us a picture of yourself wearing the apron once you receive it. I think I can safely say that we’re all excited to see what Anna’s going to create for you.

For everyone else who entered, don’t despair. If you head on over to Anna’s shop, you can still order your own custom apron. Just be careful—everything she makes is ridiculously cute. So if you wind up checking out with a ruffle scarf and a couple of business tie baby bibs in your cart as well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


The winner of this giveaway was selected using a random number generator. Because Miss Anna herself commented, I excluded her from the count and had the generator select a number between 1 and 21.

Random # for Ruffle Couture Giveaway

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