One afternoon in Austin, while taking a break from exploring the city, I spied a pigeon sitting on the narrow ledge directly outside our hotel room window.


Pigeon 1


It was so unexpected. I grabbed my camera and moved toward him slowly.


Pigeon 2


And then, he saw me. I was sure that would be the end of our encounter.


Pigeon 3


But as it turned out, this was no ordinary pigeon. This pigeon had an affection for the camera. So we decided to have a photo shoot. Things started off kind of rocky, but, with a little direction, we were able to get the shot.

It all went down something like this:

“Alright pigeon, show me what you’ve got.”


Pigeon 4


“Okay…you look a little deranged and constipated. Elongate your neck and try smizing a bit more for me.”


Pigeon 6


Like this?

“Whoa…too far, too far! Just relax. Be proud. Let your natural pigeon beauty shine through.”


Pigeon 7


“There it is, that’s the shot! It’s a wrap.”

And then he strutted down the ledge and out of view–practicing his runway walk, no doubt.

The talent was raw, but with a bit of focus I see a real future for this guy. In fact, if Tyra ever decides to do an avian season of America’s Next Top Model (which, if you’ve watched any of the past few seasons, you’d know probably isn’t out of the question), I’m pretty sure I’ve found her bird.

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  1. lauren c said...

    haha, this is too funny! hope to see you next week & hear all about austin!

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