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My husband is all computer genius-y, so it might stand to reason that I’d have my act together where technology is concerned.  You know, all my devices synched, my computer updated on a regular basis.  Much to his dismay, however, I don’t and they are not.  I’m one of those people that hits “Not Now” every time my computer tells me that I have software updates.  I keep a minimum of six tabs open in two different browsers at all times, and, honestly, it’s usually closer to fifteen or twenty.  I also regularly maintain several open, unsaved documents, let out an exasperated sigh whenever my computer needs to be restarted and I must save and close said documents, and I only synch my iPhone about twice a year.

Aren’t I a gem?

My first annual synch-up was a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d share a few of the photos that came off my phone.  I have a bizarre sense of humor.  Feel free to look away.


Pretty much everyone in our neighborhood has a dog.  Even the dogs.


I handled accounts payable at the hedge fund where I used to work.  I’m still not sure if this says more about me or the accounts receivable person on the other end.  Though maybe the 6-digit zip code answers that question.


No. Column.


This label was on the box that George came in. When I read it, it drips with sarcasm. Sarcasm from the California Snail-Free Master.


 On 2nd Ave between 13th and 14th. The numbers. They’re everywhere.  Also, is it just me or is the dude in the flesh-colored jacket totally staring me down?


From an episode of Bridezillas (I was in full-on wedding mode–don’t judge).  This guy was my little brother’s childhood best friend.  I was merely trying to capture a photo to send to my brother, but I managed to grab this lovely caption as well.  Such language, Steven!


Giant cross-eyed skull in the window of a Men’s Wearhouse.  “You’re gonna like the way you look.”


Sometimes imitation is not the sincerest form of flatterye. Excuse me, flattery.


Zipcar’s newest–and least threatening–competitor.


Grand Central.  The sign reads, “Sitting on stairways is strictly prohibited.”  The California Snail-Free Master says, “Apparently not.”


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    very funny!

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