On a jet plane


I still haven’t totally processed this, but Chris and I will be spending a considerable chunk of next month in Italy.  In fact, we leave next week–which feels even further from comprehension.

Our stay will take us through Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan, plus a week in a villa on a farm.  We’re planning to spend a little time seeing some sights and a whole lot of time sitting in piazzas and getting gloriously lost as we wander and explore.  During our villa stay, we’ll relax and take a few day trips.  Also–one of the most exciting parts–we will have a kitchen in our apartment.  You didn’t really think I’d go almost a month without cooking, did you?

I’ve heard so many great things about how Italy handles gluten-free and am hearing positive things about vegan dining there as well.  I’d love to hear from you, though. If you’ve been to Italy, what are your tips for eating GF and/or veg?  Did you find it easy or difficult?  Any specific restaurants that shouldn’t be missed?  Also, if you have any non-food travel tips, opinions on must-see attractions, or insider advice about out-of-the-way gems, please leave them below as well.


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