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Mother’s Day is usually a day for flowers, brunches, spa certificates, and warm celebration.  It’s a day where we think of and share our love for all of the mothers in our lives.  I, of course, am thinking of my own mother and how grateful I am for all that’s she’s done and all that she is.  I am also thinking of my mother-in-law, who brought my best friend and husband into this world.  Additionally, I am full of warm thoughts for my extended family members and dear friends who have taken on this incredible role.

But today I also have another group of mothers in my thoughts–the ones who are exploited daily and aren’t allowed to live out their motherhood as a result of our dietary decisions. Below are a few articles I’ve come across that speak to those uncelebrated mothers and felt poignant for this day.


Cow Proves Animals Love, Think, and Act by Megan Cross, from Global Animal

Veganism Is for Mothers by Sayward Rebhal, from VegNews

Conversations at the Grocery Store by Jasmin Singer, from Our Hen House


If you’re not already vegan, maybe try avoiding eggs and dairy–just for today.  Do it for the mothers who aren’t voiceless (they cry out for their babies), but whose voices don’t sound like our own and so go ignored.  For as Sayward Rebhal said in her piece:

…we are responsible to one another. To stand with mothers—all mothers—in honoring that precious, primitive, magnificent act of mothering.”

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  1. Lindsay Wolf said...

    Thank you Britt!! You are a hero for the animals! xo

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