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All That Glitters


A month ago today, Chris and I got engaged. The high still hasn’t worn off. Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and think, Oh my god, we’re getting married! It’s exciting and mind-blowing. The planning has begun, deposits are being made, and the word “fiancé” is now a part of my daily vernacular.

And being an engaged person, I feel it my duty to let you all in on a little secret. This probably should have been obvious, but was nonetheless unexpected for me:

Everything, and I do mean everything, is more fun when you’re wearing a shiny new ring.

Typing on a keyboard? A blast. Washing your hands? A riot—look at how sparkly it is when it’s all clean! Walking around, riding the subway, breathing, existing, having a pulse? All insanely exciting.



So, needless to say, cooking becomes (if you can even fathom it) more fun as well. This is why on the first morning that we were back in our apartment after our amazing trip to Seattle, I woke up, immediately preheated the oven, and started throwing flours together. It also doesn’t hurt that the lighting in our kitchen is highly conducive to glittery wondrousness.

The product of that morning was a delicious cranberry bread made special with a blend of holiday-inspired spices. The warm, coziness of cinnamon and nutmeg is brightened by a bit of sweet citrus, and the tart pop of the cranberries is a seasonal joy.


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