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Simple Summer Squash


With goat cheese & thyme


Once upon a time (actually, as recently as last year), I didn’t like summer squash.

The quantity of zucchini and crooknecks and patty pans that I’ve consumed over the past couple months alone makes that seem impossible, but it’s true. I tried it, and tried it again, and found it bland and wet and useless. A total waste of my attention.


Yellow Squash


Well, it turns out, and I’m finding this is true in the case of many people who dislike certain vegetables, that I’d just never had it prepared well. I’d only ever eaten it at the hands of moms who were putting it on the table solely to fill the requisite veggie slot. Thinking back, I can’t even fathom what they must have done to it to make it so awfully unpalatable. It’s such a pure, basic, softly sweet type of vegetable—no harsh edges, fresh and crisp when raw, meltingly tender when cooked, and stunningly versatile.

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Watermelon Cupcakes for Courtney


Watermelon Cupcake


A couple weekends ago, I attended my very first baby shower. Not my first baby shower—no that one’s still a couple years away—but my first shower for a friend who is soon to be a mother.


Dino onesie


It’s not that I haven’t yet had friends who’ve become mothers. In fact, many of the girls who I grew up with are married and mothers and have even recently been blessed with baby number two. It’s just that I’m very far away from Wisconsin here in New York, and have unfortunately had to share in these joys via instant message or Facebook.

I’m also admittedly not the most socially active individual and only recently settled into a network of friends here that makes me excited to put things on the calendar. Many of these friends are couples whose individual parts are as joyful to be around as their sum. I feel like this is rare and feel lucky to have these people in my life—especially now. We’re all young and building our lives and families and it’s amazing to be able to share this time of moving in together and getting engaged and planning weddings and having babies. It’s particularly amazing to be able to share it in person, and my heart feels so full with all the happiness I have for those around me.

And when my heart takes a shine to you, you will very likely be receiving some goodness from my kitchen. What can I say? My heart’s a baker.


Watermelon pink

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