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Big Happenings


Nilla tank


I can hardly believe how long I’ve been absent from here, and how much has happened in my time away.

Our trip to Italy was incredible, so much so that, even after three weeks, we still wished we’d had more time (details to come).  On the day that we left for our trip, we walked a few blocks down the street and signed a lease on a new apartment in a new building in our neighborhood—a decision that we had only begun seriously investigating with the arrival of our lease renewal a few days earlier.  We moved about a month after we returned home.  A week after the move, Chris’ grandmother—the most selfless, kind-hearted person I’ve ever known—passed away.

It’s been a lot.

But one of the very biggest happenings has been less obvious.  It’s still not something that many people know or that anyone at this point would readily guess.

Sometime in early February or so, Chris and I will be adding a furless baby to our family.


Nilla tank back



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