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Baby shower!
(At my baby shower--31 weeks.)


When I announced that I was pregnant back in August, I didn't intend for that to be the last post I'd write for nearly five months!  I really wanted to start churning out recipes again and sharing all the beautiful and delicious details of our trip to Italy with you.  Part of the reason I haven't yet is because I literally don't have enough space on my computer for the photos from our trip, and the task of creating space is just as big and looming as actually sorting and editing the photos.  It's starting to look like an Italy recap may be a slow project for sleepless nights as a new parent.  As far as new recipes go, pregnancy has made my tastes and appetite a little wonky and, honestly, creative cooking just hasn't been as much of a priority these days.

I did want to pop in before the year officially ends, however, and at least give you all an update on things.

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