Meet George


This is a picture of George on the day he arrived at our apartment. Hello, George!


George has big thorns. They are very sharp. I did not know this about him until I looked at my arms a few hours after potting him. Ouch. Keep it in check, George.



He also has a scar, right here. This gives him character. It shows where he has been.



George is already growing new leaves.



They are growing very fast.



Some of his older leaves have been turning yellow though, so I gave him some coffee to perk him up. I like coffee too. We have this in common.



One day, George will make pretty flowers. A few months after that, those flowers will turn into Meyer lemons. This is why he came to live with us–so we could feed him coffee and he could give us lemons.

Welcome home, George.


Dwarf Citrus at Four Winds Growers

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