Home Again

This past weekend Chris and I took a trip. It was a trip filled with family and friends and so many kinds of true and honest love that it was overwhelming. When we returned on Sunday night, I felt that familiar sense of home that has been a part of me since I first moved to this city, but I’ve also been carrying with me a deep and unrelenting loneliness. Sometimes you forget how much certain people mean to you when you haven’t seen them for years. Sometimes you don’t realize how much time you could have made for someone until they move away.

Everything about today was gray and lingering feelings from a difficult night made all those longings even more intense. And then, when the day was almost gone, I looked up and saw this. I know there’s a reason why I’m here in this city. I’m not so sure I could ever really be anywhere else. But oh how there are times that I wish I could reach out, gather up all those people scattered to the west of me, and pull them here. I think every one of them would enjoy this view.




  1. Cody said...

    That is a very very cool shot. Emotional and powerful! Thanks! :-)

  2. Alex said...

    Sweet shot (as I've already told you)!Just read the About section, glad to hear you feel at home in NYC, have a soon-to-be-husband, and have found your passion not to be acting, but cooking, writing, and photography. Sounds like a good life, hope I can visit sometime! :)

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